Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why the Bible is like Physics

Sometimes similes pop into my head. Yes, they are usually after I've been talking aloud to myself. Yes, I like to blog about them because it makes me feel smart and insightful. Yes, I wrote a first draft that was long and drawn out, and yes, I started sounding very pretentious.

Then I realized that I don't have to write every idea I have on the subject into one blog post. A simple explanation will suffice.

I really love math. I enjoyed my various math classes in high school, and I've always done very well in math. I did not, however, find physics enjoyable. Sure, we did some fun experiments. But translating that data into a set of findings, or working through a set of word problems? Not a fan.

Sometimes the Bible is like that when I read it. There are parts that are so clear, like Algebra. X=5, do not murder. Easy peasy. Then there are parts that seem simple, but take more work. Love your neighbor. OK, who's my neighbor? How do I love them? Do I love all my neighbors in the same way? Do I show that love in the same way for each neighbor?

When my physics teacher sat down with me and helped me through the word problems, suddenly it was much easier. When I talk about a chapter of the Bible with my friends, it's much easier to point out the wisdom and how it can apply to our lives.

Moral of the blog post? Talking it over with someone can help it be easier to understand. And pretentious posts, while great for using big words, are not the most clear way to share something.