Monday, September 13, 2010

God's Character

Yesterday my church started a new series called "Why Me?" I have to say that Pastor Peter hit it out of the park on this one. First of all, hilarious intro story. I haven't laughed that much in church in awhile, and church is usually pretty funny. Second of all, it was a reminder that I can never have often enough.

Isaiah 40:11
"He will feed his flock like a shepherd. He will carry the lambs in his arms, holding them close to his heart. He will gently lead the mother sheep with their young."

I need to be reminded of God's love. He is compassionate and caring. He loves us.

Right now I don't really have much to say. It's been a very full day, and I'm just waiting to fold a load of laundry before I need to get some sleep. I just wanted to get this down at least in basic form before I forgot.

Also, if you want to listen to the sermon Peter preached yesterday, you can listen to it here: It's the sermon for 9-12-10.

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