Friday, October 8, 2010

On Feeling Entitled

I feel entitled to a wonderful fall. I grew up in WI, and I live in MN now (that's Wisconsin and Minnesota, in case you're not up to date on your state abbreviations). Upper midwest, four distinct seasons. Tons of snow in the winter, hot days in the summer, cool wet days in the spring, and cool, crisp days in fall.

Except I am not getting my coveted cool, crisp days of fall. It's 82 degrees right now, and we're supposed to hit a record today. My apartment feels nice and cool because I've been sleeping with my window open and closing it before it warms up in the morning. I walked outside to run to the post office and library (places I go at least twice a week), and it was so disappointing to feel how hot it was outside. I drove by some gorgeous trees that I want to photograph, that I've actually been wanting to capture since I saw them last fall, but I just don't have the energy to go back there and take photos because it's so warm. Yes, it feels much cooler than it did in July or August because it's way less humid, but it's still too warm for me.

Why do I feel so entitled to my version of a perfect fall? Is it realistic? Why do I think it's not fair if it's warmer than usual? Sigh. I don't like being really crabby about the weather, especially when so many of my friends are thrilled about the weather, according to their Facebook status updates. I think I need to suck it up and do my best to enjoy the color, even if I feel too warm doing it.

But I still can't see myself going to an apple orchard tomorrow when it's 80 degrees. Gotta draw the line somewhere, hm? :)