Thursday, October 14, 2010

Strange Prayers

I have a mouse loose in my apartment. It's the second time I've have a mouse show up, although the first time it either just went away or died somewhere else, because it never got caught in my glue traps. About two weeks ago I did a more thorough than usual cleaning of my apartment, and I threw out the glue traps I had been provided. Of course as soon as I got rid of them I get a mouse. Sigh.

I bought some basic, old school mouse traps today (the nicer ones are ridiculously expensive), and I set all four of them up with peanut butter. I was pretty sure there was a mouse in my apartment, because late at night I would see a shadow move out of the corner of my eye. Tonight I have seen the mouse for sure run from under the oven to my shoe closet to under my fridge and back. I think right now it ran into my bathroom. I have watched it run towards one of the mousetraps and then veer away at the last second. Grrrr.

And so I find myself praying that the mouse would take the bait and get caught in one of my traps. I find it kind of odd that I'm praying for the death of a creature that God created. Of course, I remind God that this is my house and I did not invite a mouse to live here.

Right now I have one light on, right next to my bed. The mouse tried to make a break for it from under the fridge twice, but as soon as I waved my arm it got scared and ran back. I also threw a small lotion bottle at it, and I have a highlighter in my lap, ready to throw upon another sighting.

I'm not super bothered by a mouse in my apartment. Sure, I wish it wasn't here because I only have a studio apartment so any mouse is pretty close to where I sleep, but I'm assuming it will stay pretty close to the kitchen area. I'm hoping, anyway.

Usually my prayers revolve around asking God to let my life go in a certain direction, or just praying for a closer relationship with God. I certainly pray for my unsaved friends, and I pray for the needs of my family, like a job for my sister. So it feels kind of weird to pray about a mouse. Good thing I pray to a God who cares about me, who loves me, who listens to my prayers, even when it's just about a mouse.

Yes, I miss my cat a lot right now. In addition to being a constant companion and a super friendly cat, he definitely earned his keep when it came to mouse control.